book in; book into; book up; boot up; border on; boss about/around; botch up; bottle out; bottle up; bottom out

book * in
I'll book us in at the Intercontinental.

book * in
We took a taxi from the airport to the hotel and booked in.

book * into
I've booked us into a hotel in the centre of town for three nights.

book * into
We booked into the first hotel we could find.

book up
The flight's fully booked up; I'll have to go the following day.

boot * up +
(電腦) 啟動、開機
He booted up the computer and started work.

border on +
Jordan holds a key position, bordering on both Israel and Iraq.

border on +
What he did was bordering on betrayal.

boss * about/around
對 (某人) 發號施令;對 (某人) 差來遣去;對 (某人) 使喚來使喚去
He bosses everyone around.

botch * up +
把 (某事) 搞砸、弄糟;粗心大意地弄壞
I botched up the whole project and it had to be cancelled.

bottle out
She was going to tell her boss exactly what she thought, but bottled out in the end.

bottle * up +
(尤指長時間) 壓抑 (情緒、情感等)
She bottled up her feelings even though she was furious with them and kept quiet.

bottom out
(經濟、價格等開始回升前) 跌到最低點
The recession bottomed out and the economy is recovering well.