tech-free tourism

(名詞) 無科技旅遊:未攜帶手機或類似行動裝置的旅遊,尤指前往不能上網或沒有手機訊號的地方所做的旅遊。亦寫成 technology-free tourism
tech-free tourist (名詞):無科技遊客。

Tech-free tourist destinations are gaining popularity among business travellers looking for a true detox from the digital world. …

Islands are the obvious choice for tech-free tourism. Queensland's luxury Lizard Island is also proud of their no mobile phone coverage status on their 24 private beaches.
—Rachael Oakes-Ash, "Digital detox: the rise of tech-free tourism," The Sydney Morning Herald, March 11, 2013

We're adding one more travel trend to our 2014 list — tech-free tourism. If you're addicted to your gadgets and social media, going cold turkey has never been scarier. So here are our top travel destinations — with device-free policies and/or sans wifi (the horror!) — that'll help you quash that FOMO.
—Shairah Thoufeekh, "Travel Trend: Tech-Free Tourism," The Honeycombers, April 1, 2014