(名詞) 伊波拉恐懼症:對伊波拉病毒強烈和莫名的恐懼。亦寫成 Ebola-phobia, Ebola phobia。
Ebolaphobic (形容詞):罹患伊波拉恐懼症的;導致伊波拉恐懼症的。
Ebolaphobe (名詞):伊波拉恐懼症患者。

There is a new term used by doctors on the front line of the battle to control the worst Ebola outbreak the world has seen: Ebola phobia.
—Jeremy Laurance, "Ebola outbreak: We know the disease is killing people, but is the panicked response killing people too?," The Independent (London), August 1, 2014

We are using public transportation, dining in restaurants, sending our kids to school and drinking city water right out of the tap.

We are not unhinged by Ebolaphobia.
—Jacquielynn Floyd, "Floyd: Good sense will inoculate you against Ebolaphobia," The Dallas Morning News, October 16, 2014