(名詞) 根據體型 (如身高) 而非年齡將年輕運動員組成球隊或聯盟。亦寫成 bio banding
bio-banded (形容詞):根據體型 (而非年齡) 將年輕運動員組成球隊或聯盟的。

One solution has been to use “bio-banding”, which involves using a formula, in part based on parental height, to determine how tall a player will be when fully grown. Players are then grouped together based on what percentage of that adult height they have achieved.
—Glenn Moore, “How bio-banding aims to stop bigger children running the show,” The Independent (London), November 13, 2015

“Early maturing boys appreciate bio-banding as well,” Cumming explained. “In a bio-banded competition, they can’t boss the game physically; they have to play a technical game and are forced to think faster, play as a team rather than doing it all themselves.”
—Jamie Doward, “Bio-banding: How scientists can help late developers become sporting superstars,” The Guardian (London), December 19, 2015