walk through; waltz through; wander off; waste away

walk * through
(耐心地、詳細地) (向某人) 說明 (某事);(耐心地、詳細地) 教 (某人) (某事)
He walked me through the procedures.
Can someone walk me through how to install Windows8?

waltz through +
輕而易舉地完成、取得、獲勝或通過 (考試等)
Sarah waltzed through the tests and got the highest score.

wander off
(未告訴任何人,不吭一聲地就) 離開 (某地)
Paul wandered off and got lost in the crowd.

wander off
The lecture was boring and my mind wandered off after ten minutes.

waste away
(因病) 日漸消瘦、衰弱
My grandfather wasted away as his cancer got worse.