(名詞) 自主學習學 (The study of self-determined learning):一門研究自主學習的學問。據稱,這個字是由古希臘字 heut (意為「自我」) 和字尾 -agogy (意為「帶領、引導」) 組合而成。
heutagogical (形容詞):自主學習學的。

Heutagogy is about "knowledge sharing" instead of "knowledge boarding or hoarding" and liberates teacher and learner from conventions and nurtures them in the time-honoured art and science of "learning how to learn".
—Datuk Dr Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, "The excellence of scholar-teachers," New Straits Times, April 6, 2012

Teachers need to take a step back and allow students to follow their own routes and come to pieces of knowledge in their own time and through their own methodologies and experiences. They learn, by working out how they learn and then use that knowledge to teach themselves and their peers. There is a lot of reflection involved and a need to think through what it is you are doing and how you are going about it. Heutagogy goes one step beyond self-directed learning — it is self-determined.

Whilst certain aspects of the heutagogical approach have its merits, I can't say that I was entirely won over by the argument.
—Matt Phillpott, "Heutagogy, self-determined learning and social media," Sixteenth Century Scholars, November 8, 2013