(名詞) 工作場所對單身員工的歧視;對單身人士的負面刻板印象。亦寫成 single-ism
singlist (名詞):工作場所歧視單身員工的人。

Singledom and a massive case of "singlism" are red hot right now as Samantha Jones cracks menopause jokes at 54 as she romps in the desert with her three fab friends in Sex and the City 2.
—Leanne Italie, "Single and happy: believe it or not," The Associated Press, June 10, 2010

The growing numbers of individuals marrying later or not marrying at all, combined with high divorce rates, have resulted in a growing number of adults who will live a considerable portion of their adult lives as singles. Despite this trend, recent empirical investigations suggest that singles face a particular form of stigma and discrimination, termed "Singlism".
—"The stigma of "Singlism": ever-single women's perceptions of their social environment," SAGE Insight, June 22, 2011