stick around; stick at; stick by; stick down; stick it to

stick around
He's late, but I'll stick around for another few minutes before I leave.

stick at +
She found the course very tough but she stuck at it and did well in the end.

stick by +
No one stuck by him when the scandal became public.

stick by +
信守 (承諾)
They are sticking by their claims.

stick * down +
I couldn't answer the test so I just stuck anything down that I could remember.

stick * down +
I stuck the label down.

stick it to +
嚴厲斥責、責備、抨擊 (某人)
She stuck it to me for turning up half an hour late.
My boss really stuck it to me when I arrived late to work for the third time this week.

stick it to +
惡劣地或不公平地對待 (某人)
My boss always sticks it to me when she's in a bad mood.