(名詞) 短暫出名的人,尤指沒有什麼才能而短暫出名的人。

A celetoid is only allowed so much time in the spotlight. Of course, just when you think your life as a celetoid has passed, you end up writing an article about your experience six years later, or you sing a song for a friend at a wedding.
—Richie Wilcox, "My Life as a Celetoid: Reflections on Canadian Idol", Canadian Theatre Review, January 29, 2010

The advent of reality television has created a subdivision in the halls of fame where ordinary people, innocent of any performance skills or without any particular achievement, may acquire celebrity of a fleeting kind. But such "celetoids" must be distinguished from celebrities proper who make a career out of performing themselves.
—Barry King, "Stardom, Celebrity, and the Money Form," The Velvet Light Trap, March 22, 2010