(名詞) 非母親的女性身份;所有非母親的女性。

We have gone without definition or visibility for too long. I am offering "Otherhood" as a name for our misunderstood group of women doing our best to live full and meaningful lives despite the frustrations of some of our most cherished Iongings. We, the Otherhood, who have yet to find our rightful, equitable, requisite place in society, deserve one. Our otherhood denotes our state. Our condition, our character, our nature, and our tribe.
—Melanie Notkin, Otherhood, Seal Press, February 25, 2014

Among the salient findings of the study, women of the "otherhood" are "thriving career-wise," and 75% of them had some college education or above, compared to 67% of women with kids, according to a report on the research.

Indeed, "otherhood is a sign of social progress ... and empowerment," said Hannah Seligson, a contributor to The New York Times who has become a voice for Millenials and collaborated on the study, during a recent panel discussion in New York on the topic.
—Barbara Thau, "Amid The Mother's Day Marketing Blitz, A Look At An Ignored Demographic Gold Mine: The 'Others'," Forbes, May 10, 2014