(名詞) 團體自拍 (由團體中某個成員為該團體所拍攝的合照)。亦寫成 ussie。這個字是由 us (我們) + selfie (自拍) 拼綴而成。

When you take a photo of yourself, a "selfie" (I really don't like that word), or with two or more people, an "usie" (I like that one even less), remember to stretch that arm out as far as it will go and hold the phone or camera up so you have to look up. Just don't tilt your head back, or you'll have a photo of your nostrils.
—Bonnie Bing, "Bonnie Bing: Forget laugh lines — now, there's 'tech neck'," The Wichita Eagle, July 1, 2014

What do you call a group selfie? An usie, of course!

As in "us." Pronounced uss-ee, rhymes with fussy.

"Usies are a growing trend that I think have far more social value than selfies," said Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a professor of marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco who studies consumer behavior. "It's magical capturing moments we share with other people."
—"Remember that Ellen DeGeneres group 'selfie' at Oscars? That was really an 'usie'," The Times-Picayune, July 30, 2014