cough up; count in; count on/upon; count out; count up; cozy up; cozy up to

cough up
(尤指不情願地) 掏出 (錢),付 (錢)
Come on, cough up, it's your turn to pay.
I had to cough up for the medical bills.

count * in
包括;把 (某人) 算在內
If you're going on that skiing holiday, you can count me in; I'd love to go.

count on/upon +
You can really count on Sarah.
The whole team was counting on me, and I let them down.

count * out
不包括;不把 (某人) 算在內
You can count James out. He hates playing poker.
I don't want to go - you can count me out.

count * up +
Count up the number of tickets sold, please.

cozy up
It was cold and I cozied up by the fire.

cozy up to +
討好,親近 (某人)
He's been cozying up to our boss because he wants a pay rise.