could do with; count against; count among; count down; count for

could do with +
很想要 ...;很需要 ...
I could really do with a cup of coffee. (我實在很想來一杯咖啡)
Your room could do with a good cleaning. (你的房間需要好好打掃一下)

count against +
對 ... 不利
Not having a university degree will count against Lois. (沒有大學學歷會對洛伊絲不利)
His criminal record is bound to count against him in job applications. (他有前科勢必對他求職不利)

count * among
把某人 (或某物) 視為某團體 (或某類別等) 的一員
I count him among my closest friends. (我把他視為好友)
I no longer count Amy among my friends. (我不再把艾美當作朋友)

count * down +
I'm counting down the days till the end of the exams. (我倒數著日子,一直要數到考試結束)

count for +
Knowledge without common sense counts for nothing. (缺乏常識的知識毫無價值)
Experience counts for a lot in decision making. (在做決策時,經驗至關重要)