(名詞) 廉價或低品質的卡布奇諾咖啡 (cappuccino),尤指販賣機所販賣的卡布奇諾;即溶卡布奇諾咖啡。亦寫成 cheappuccino。這個字是由 cheap 和 cappuccino 拼綴而成。

Scratch-off tickets are fun...I tend to have better luck with them. The most I got was $5 on one. Used it to buy a "cheappuccino" and junk from the gas station.
—Golden Silence, "Lotto Ladies" (comment), La Bella Noire's Ramblings, February 6, 2007

Wondering what a Blended Cheapuccino is? Well, it's a blended coffee drink that you make at home. Since most of us are trying to cut costs, a great way to save a whole lot of money is to give up the Starbuck©'s [sic] habit.
—"Blended Cheapuccino," That Girl Can Cook!, June 8, 2010