(名詞) 巨大的暴風雪 (massive snowstorm);這種暴風雪所造成的負面影響。這個字是由 blizzard 和 disaster 拼綴而成,亦寫成 blizz-aster

TribLocal wants your blizzard photos. Whether you are weathering the storm by building snowmen or plowing through piles of snow on your driveway, TribLocal is asking for photos of how you honor Old Man Winter. And if you want to stay in the comfort of your home, just post a photo of your backyard blizzaster.
—Mary Rakoczy, "Post your blizzard photos on," TribLocal, February 1, 2011

One reader suggested we call the forthcoming snow a "snownami;" Karl coined the term "blizzaster."
—Chuck Sudo, "You Say 'Snowpacalypse,' We Say 'Tuesday'," Chicagoist, January 31, 2011