Man goes for Guinness world record with his feet rotated 120 degrees/男子雙腳可旋轉120度 可望締造金氏世界紀錄

Moses Lanham plans on stepping into the record books in a rather unusual fashion.

'Known as backward feet man’ and ‘Mr elastic’, the Michigan-based 49-year-old can rotate his feet 120 degrees behind him, a feat he hopes will earn him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

As that’s not all; he also plans on setting a record for the fastest man to walk 20 metres with his feet turned backwards.

Despite the daunting task ahead, Mr Lanham can however remain quietly confident – both records have never been attempted before.

Speaking to AOL News, Mr Lanham said: ‘I know I can put my toes together in back, but for the record, I’ll do a full 120 degrees.’

Despite the visually excruciating appearance, Mr Lanham says his flexible feet cause him no pain, in fact he quite enjoys the back-to-front feeling.

'A lot of times when I’m sitting down I’ll put my feet in a twisted position because it’s more comfortable for me,’ he said.

Mr Lanham discovered his strange quirk at 14 after a high school gym class accident.

Climbing a rope, he lost his grip and fell nearly 18 feet before landing with his feet in an extremely awkward position.

'They thought something was dislocated,’ Mr Lanham said. ‘But I stood up and was fine.’

Mr Lanham has made the most of his talent ever since.

In high school he was prone to walking backwards and at college he would wear his clothes backwards to match the direction of his feet.

Sadly, Mr Lanham’s 17-year-old son Trey has only partially inherited his father’s funny feet.

Trey can not turn them the full way round like his father, and also feels pain after staying in the position for a short time. (Daily Mail)


plan on -- (v.) 打算,計畫。Plan on + V-ing = plan to + V = intend to + V。

elastic -- (n.) 橡皮圈。

feat -- (n.) 技藝。

daunting -- (adj.) 使人膽怯的,使人畏縮的。

AOL News -- (n.) 美國線上新聞。AOL 為 American Online 公司的縮寫。

excruciating -- (adj.) 極度痛苦的。Visually excruciating appearance:看起來十分痛苦的表情。

twisted -- (adj.) 扭曲的。

quirk -- (n.) 怪異的才能;奇事。

dislocate -- (v.) 使脫臼。

(be) prone to -- (adj.) 有...傾向的,易於...的。Be prone to = be liable to = be inclined to = be apt to,但前三者的 to 皆可當介系詞和不定詞用,而 be apt to 後面只能接原形動詞。

inherit -- (v.) 繼承;經遺傳而獲得 (性格,特徵等)。