spell out; spew out; spew up; spin off; spin out; spit it out; spit out

spell * out +
He's so stupid that you have to spell everything out for him.
He won't understand you unless you spell everything out for him.

spew * out +
(使) 噴出,(使) 湧出
The volcano is spewing out lava and hot gases.

spew up
He spewed up when he was drunk.

spin * off +
The research spun off a number of new products as well as solving the problem.

spin * off +
(從現有公司脫離出來) 組成 (一家單獨或部分獨立的子公司)
They spun off the retail division last year.

spin * off +
(利用走紅節目的演員來) 拍攝 (另一電視節目)
They spun it off from the main show, but it didn't really attract many viewers.

spin out
(車輛) 失控
The car hit the water and spun out.

spin * out +
I spun the work out to make as much money from the job as I could.

spit it out
(叫某人把不想說的事情) 爽爽快快地說出來
Hurry up, spit it out! I can't wait all day for the truth.

spit * out +
He spat her name out when he saw her arrive.