Players go for the Scrabble title in Buffalo/拼字高手水牛城爭冠

The world's best Scrabble players are squaring off for the title of Scrabble champion, with the winner to be crowned in Buffalo.


The 25th National Scrabble Championships began on Sunday with 525 players from 11 countries competing for the $10,000 top prize. The winner will be named on Wednesday.

第 25 屆「全美拼字錦標賽」上周日開始,來自 11 國的 525 位選手競爭一萬美元的頭獎。贏家本周三揭曉。

By the time it is over, contenders in five different divisions will have played 31 games each over five days, with rankings based on win-loss records and the number of points by which they outscore opponents.

錦標賽結束時,五組之中的每位競爭者已在五天裡完成 31 場比賽,排名的根據是個人的勝負紀錄,以及他們贏過對手的點數。

The player to beat is five-time champion Nigel Richards, an Australian who lives in Malaysia. Will Anderson, an editor from Hudson, New York, was hoping to spell out a serious challenge after finishing third last year.


"He's like the Michael Jordan of our game," said Anderson. "He's in a class by himself and his command of the dictionary is unbelievable.... We're all kind of looking up at this guy in awe."

安德森說:「他就像拼字世界的喬丹。他自成一個等級,他把字典掌握得滾瓜爛熟... 我們都帶著敬畏仰望這位老兄。」(美聯社/聯合晚報)