chuck away; chuck in; chuck out; chuck up; churn out; clam up; clamp down on; claw back; clean out; clean up

chuck * away +
I chucked away all my old records years ago when CDs came out.

chuck * in +
辭去;放棄;停止 (某事或某嘗試)
I chucked my job in to go traveling.

chuck * in +
發表 (意見等);做 (評論)
I chucked in a few points at the end of the discussion.

chuck * out +
I chucked out some stuff I found in the fridge that had gone bad.

chuck up
He got ridiculously drunk and chucked up in the back of the minicab on the way home.

chuck * up +
辭去;放棄;停止 (某事或某嘗試)
She didn't like the course, so she chucked it up after a few weeks.

churn * out +
(不顧品質地) 大量或快速生產;粗製濫造
The government churns out educational policies every few months.

clam up
(突然) 閉口不說;沈默不語
Everybody clammed up when the Principal entered.

clamp down on +
The government are clamping down on antisocial behavior.

claw * back +
(政府用增稅,公司用提價等方式) 收回 (金錢) 或彌補 (支出)
The new tax will claw back what the government has given out in grants.

claw * back +
(困難地) 重新取得 (權力等)
The opposition parties are trying to claw back the voters they lost in the last election.

clean * out +
I really must clean the study out; there's stuff all over the floor and piles of paper everywhere.

clean * out
使 (某人) 花光或耗盡錢財
The holiday cleaned me out - I'm broke till the end of the month.

clean * up +
Susan cleaned the mess up before she left.