(名詞) 著魔般地想要使牙齒美白的念頭。亦寫成 bleach-orexia
bleachorexic (adj./n.):著迷於牙齒美白的 (人)。

Overuse of teeth-whiteners appears to be the dental profession's the biggest concern. Excessive bleaching can dehydrate teeth temporarily, making them extra sensitive. As well, peroxide, which soaks through enamel to break up stain-forming molecules, can irritate gums if used too aggressively. People who want teeth whiter than nature intended, reaching repeatedly for the peroxide, suffer from "bleachorexia," a word coined by the American Dental Association.
—Deidre Kelly, "Price choppers: Get pearly whites for 99 bucks," The Globe and Mail, September 24, 2009