(名詞) 簡訊釣魚:發送內含釣魚網站連結的簡訊,意圖誤導或欺騙接收人連到該網站提交個人、財務或密碼資料。這個字是由 SMS + phishing 拼綴而成,亦寫成 SMiShing
smish (動詞):簡訊釣魚。
smisher (名詞):進行簡訊釣魚的人。

註:SMS 為 Short Messaging Service (簡訊服務) 的縮寫。

Phishing has been given a smartphone makeover for 2011 — and is now known as Smishing, or SMS phishing.

"Smishing is a growing problem for all banking segments including credit unions, regional banks and large nationwide banks," said the RSA reports.

"Large nationwide banks have been the hardest hit by smishing as cybercriminals can distribute their SMS spam to a wider base of mobile users who are more than likely to have some form of financial account at one of these institutions.
—Matt Greenop, "Smartphones — more mobile, more vulnerable," The New Zealand Herald, Fenrary 9, 2011

Grant said tax season can be a time of "phishing" or "smishing" where identity thieves contact consumers by e-mail or text messages, pretending to be from the IRS and telling them that they need to confirm some personal information, such as their Social Security number.
—Susan Tompor, "Guard your tax info from thieves," Detroit Free Press, April 17, 2011