(名詞) 認為疫苗有害而不給自己小孩接種疫苗的人。亦寫成 antivaxer, anti-vaxer
anti-vaxx (形容詞):認為疫苗有害而不給自己小孩接種疫苗的。

On the other hand, many people have cried out for the scientific community to provide us with more Sagans and Goulds who can make science interesting and comprehensible to a public that is becoming increasingly ignorant of science, or sucked into pseudoscience of UFOs and Bigfoot, or the junk science of creationists, anti-vaxxers, and climate change deniers.
—Donald Prothero, "Written in your genes—and atoms," SkepticBlog, May 1, 2013

Here's why the anti-vaxxers are wrong and Caplan and his co-authors are right to raise the idea of suing or criminally charging them: Parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids for reasons of personal belief pose a serious danger to the public.
—Jed Lipinski, "Endangering the Herd, " Slate, August 16, 2013