(名詞) 臉基尼 - 在海灘作日光浴時所戴的防曬面罩。亦寫成 face-kini。這個字是由 face + bikini 所構成。

Scared that your day of fun in the sun on a beach will scorch your skin and leave your face ugly and pigmented? Or that the harsh UV rays will destroy your pale skin? If so, here's the newest beachwear trend called the 'facekini' that has come to your rescue.
—Asha Chowdary, "Get yourself a facekini!," The Times of India, September 12, 2012

While not as attractive as the sexy swimsuits from which it takes its portmanteau — quite the opposite, arguably — the "facekini" is intended to preserve women's good looks.
—Xie Chuanjiao, "Ski masks become sea masks in Qingdao," China Daily, July 23, 2013