bikini medicine

(名詞) 比基尼醫學 - 重點完全放在女性胸部及生殖系統的醫療措施、醫學研究及醫療資金或經費。

Scientists and doctors have just begun to study women's health outside of the typical reproduction studies. There are decades of "bikini medicine," the practice of studying only the reproductive health of women, that need to be redirected.
—Lauren Hendriksen, "Speaker: Women's health about more than reproduction," The Daily Utah Chronicle, June 14, 2012

Today, we speak with a leader in the field of women's health and when you hear that term, you could be forgiven if you thought reproductive health. Some people even called it bikini medicine because, for so long, the focus of research and medical practice seemed to be almost exclusively on the areas of the body you'd cover with a bikini.
—Michel Martin, "Women's Health: More Than 'Bikini Medicine'," NPR, March 25, 2013