(名詞) 仆街。
plank (動詞):仆街。
planker (名詞):仆街者,仆街客。

Queensland, Australia, police say they arrested a man for "planking," or lying over, a police cruiser after officers saw a photo of the act on Facebook.
—"Man arrested for 'planking' cop car," United Press International, May 13, 2011

Planking, the Australian craze of lying face down stiff in often bizarre places for a photo op, claimed another victim when a man was critically injured after being thrown from the roof of a moving car when his planking went bad.
—"'Planking' goes viral despite death, injury," Reuters, May 19, 2011

A man is planking on a motorcycle. (一名男子正仆街在機車上)
Three women planked in the tree. (三名女子在樹上仆街)


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