man drought

(名詞) 某一特定地區相當短缺適婚單身男子的情況。亦寫成 man-drought


A large middle class presented its own problems, though, such as the high proportion of well-off spinsters and a "man drought" as eligible men left Edinburgh to seek fortunes abroad.
—Sandra Dick, "Bringing us to our census," Edinburgh Evening News, March 24, 2011

Women dating younger men is no big deal.

With Australia in the grip of a man drought as identified by demographer Bernard Salt in 2008, we're likely to see more of it.

Salt pointed out that in 1976 there were 56,000 more men than women in their 30s in Australia but by 2006 there was a deficit of 9000.
—Kylie Lang, "Time to sheath the claws," The Sunday Mail, May 2, 2011