contract in (to); contract out; contract out of; cool down; cool off; coop up; cop it; cop off; cop out; cotton on (to)

contract in (to)
訂約參加 (合同、協定、協議等);同意參與
Since it started, many companies have contracted in to lend their support.

contract * out +
訂約退出 (合同、協定、協議等);同意退出;訂約把...承包出去或外包出去
They have contracted out their catering services to save money.
The firm contracts out most of the basic building work.

contract out of +
正式退出 (合同、協定、協議等)
I contracted out of the deal years ago.

cool * down +
(使) 冷卻;(使) 變涼
I left the tea for a minute until it cooled down enough to drink.

cool down
It took me ages to cool down after the argument.

cool off
We’ll talk to Harry once he cools off and can talk rationally.

coop * up +
禁錮 (人或動物)
They cooped the dog up in a tiny room.
He was cooped up in a tiny room.

cop it
They really copped it when they got caught shoplifting.

cop off
We copped off early on Friday because there was nothing to do.

cop off
She copped off with Damian at the end-of-term party.

cop out
逃避 (責任);迴避
She was going to take a Master's degree but copped out and chose the Diploma course instead.
He has copped out of his responsibilities.

cotton on (to)
It took me ages to cotton on to what they were planning.
It took him a while to cotton on to what I was saying.