(名詞/不可數) 敲竹槓通膨 - 公司企業以通貨膨脹作為藉口並以敲顧客竹槓的方式大幅提高價格的情況。這個字是由 ripoff (敲竹槓) + inflation (通貨膨脹) 拼綴而成。

Ripflation, my coined term meaning ripoff inflation, is when the economic and supply chain conditions have significantly improved but various players in the supply chain keep prices elevated beyond necessity … In other words, ripflation uses inflation as its convenient cover story. Why are corporate profits objectively soaring in 2022 yet consumers are being hit so hard? Could it be ripflation? Could it be their stinginess and unwillingness to give back to a public that has been traumatized for 3 years?
[, 31 March 2022]