coast through; cobble together; color in; cone off; cost up

coast through +
John coasted through his exams. (約翰順利通過考試)
While Allen struggled, his brother coasted through school with top grades. (求學期間艾倫在學習上覺得很吃力,但他的弟弟卻一路學得輕輕鬆鬆,成績都名列前茅)

cobble * together +
草率地或匆忙地把 ... 拼湊起來
They cobbled together a proposal to put before the committee. (他們匆匆忙忙拼湊了個提議呈給委員會議決)
We cobbled a few pages together and submitted it. (我們隨便拼湊了幾頁就交出去了)

color * in / color in
(給…) 著色;(給…) 上色
Her son drew a zebra and colored/coloured it in. (她兒子畫了一隻斑馬,然後給它上色)
She could spend hours just coloring/colouring in. (她可以一連花幾個小時著色)

cone * off +
(英) 用交通錐標明或隔開;(在道路) 設置交通錐
The police coned off the lane after the accident. (事故發生後警察用交通錐隔開車道)
The police coned off the accident site. (警察在事故現場設置交通錐)

cost * up +
計算 (花費)
The decorator is going to cost up the work tomorrow. (室內裝潢師傅明天將計算這項工程要花多少錢)