roll by; rope in; rope off; rough up; round off; round on; round up

roll by
(時間) 消逝
Three years has rolled by.

rope * in +
說服 (某人) 去做 (不情願做的事)
The teacher roped her students in to carry her stuff when she had to change classroom.

rope * off +
(通常因有危險而) 用繩索將某區域圍起來
The celebrity entrance was roped off from the general public.

rough * up +
毆打 (某人);對 (某人) 動粗
The mugger roughed him up when he refused to hand his wallet over.

round * off +
圓滿完成 (或結束)
Winning the FA Cup rounded off a wonderful season for Arsenal.

round on +
The prime minister rounded on critics who have been calling for his resignation.

round * up +
Dozens of political activists have been rounded up for questioning.