(名詞) 美食物理學,烹飪物理學:將物理理論和實驗方法應用於食物、烹飪和飲食的學問。亦寫成 gastro-physics。這個字是由 gastronomy (美食學,烹飪法) 和 physics (物理學) 拼綴而成。
gastrophysicist (名詞):美食物理學家,烹飪物理學家。

Until recently, McGee said, scientific focus on cooking was always on safety, hygiene, and industrial manufacturing (such as how to can clams so they don't spoil).

Today, the study of gastrophysics draws from psychology, culture, food structuring, and quantum chemistry, among other disciplines.
—Valerie Vande Panne, "Forks, knives, beakers," Harvard Gazette, September 10, 2013

Spence and his peers have, through a line of scientific inquiry that is informally referred to as gastrophysics, studied in minute detail how we experience food and drink. Who we eat with; how food is arranged and described; the colour, texture and weight of plates and cutlery; background noise — all these things affect taste.
—Amy Fleming, "Charles Spence: The food scientist changing the way we eat," The Guardian (London), September 24, 2014