ramen profitable

(形容詞) 獲利但利潤不足以支付創辦人薪資的新創公司的。亦寫成 ramen-profitable
ramen profitable (名詞):獲利但利潤不足以支付創辦人薪資的新創公司。

註:ramen 這個字就是「拉麵」的英文。一家 ramen profitable 的新創公司 (startup; startup company) 被視為營運良好,因為至少它的營收大於支出。不過,這些支出並不包括要付給公司創辦人的薪水,使得他們窮得只能以拉麵等廉價食物來維持生活。當然了,如果該公司變成 unicorn,他們就可以改吃牛排。

Contextly has raised some angel investing and claims more than 600 clients, including PBS, Modern Farmer and Make magazine, but is in the “ramen profitable stage,” Singel said.
—Lucia Moses, “What journalists learn when they become entrepreneurs,” Digiday, October 24, 2014

“We didn’t actually need the money in terms of survival,“ he said. ”We’re already placing enough people to profitable per month, and we’re not talking ‘Ramen profitable.’“
—Kim-Mai Cutler, “Triplebyte, The Technical Recruiting Platform From Former YC Partner Harj Taggar, Raises $3M,” TechCrunch, September 28, 2015