1.5 generation

(名詞) 1.5 代:某一移入現居國的族群或民族中,從小 (尤指開始上學之前) 就移民的成員。亦寫成 1.5G1.5er

為何是 1.5 呢? 因為這些小孩介於第一代和第二代之間。換言之,他們不是第一代,因為他們是在外國出生的,但他們也不是第二代,因為他們的父母並非歸化入籍的公民。事實上,社會學家是以 1.25 代、1.5 代和 1.75 代來區分這些小移民,數字越小代表移民時的年紀越大,但當時他們都還是小孩。這些小小年紀就移民的世代就是所謂的「小數點世代」(decimal generations)。

They're members of what sociologists call "the 1.5 generation" — children brought to the U.S. at a young age, raised as Americans with little connection to the country where they were born.
—"Pass the Dream Act," Chicago Tribune, September 20, 2010

The "1.5 generation", Chinese-Americans born outside the United States and mainly educated in the country, receive the highest returns on their educational levels of any generation.
—Tan Yingzi, "Younger Chinese-Americans earning less," China Daily, February 14, 2011