(名詞) 許多人不相信的事實。
substitious (形容詞):許多人不相信的事實的。

註:Substition 這個字是由英國知名作家泰瑞·普萊契 (Terry Pratchett) 所創造,為 superstition (迷信) 的反義詞。換言之,superstition 是某種非真實的事物,但許多人相信,而 substition 則是某種真實的事物,但許多人卻不相信。請注意 substition 和 substitution (代替,替換) 兩者拼字的不同。

普萊契甫於日前 (2015 年 3 月 12 日) 死於阿茲海默症,享年 67 歲。

Climate change is real, even though any number of people, at their great peril, refuse to believe in it. Climate change is a substition. For most of human history, bacteria and viruses weren't believed to be real even though people died of them. Bacteria were a substition. Just because you don’t believe in infectious diseases doesn’t make them any less real.
—"Thinking About Substitions," Wickersham's Conscience, September 21, 2013

It is pretty obvious that conservatives prefer a lie with which they feel comfortable, to the truth, which they find offensive. This is a further example of both superstition (belief in things which are not true), and substition (failure to believe in facts.)
—machintelligence, "ACA price tag continues to drop" (comment), Rachel Maddow Show, March 11, 2015