(名詞) 三十幾歲的中年危機 - 一些三十幾歲的人所經歷的焦慮、壓力和自我懷疑期。這個字是由 thirties + (mid-life) crisis 拼綴而成。

Irish women are at their most miserable in their mid-thirties, new research has shown. This has led to a crisis of confidence among thirtysomethings known as the ‘thrisis’.
—Deirdre Reynolds, “Embrace the ‘thrisis’: Why being in your 30s rocks!,” Independent Style, October 29, 2014

A thrisis is a pre-mid-life crisis that happens in your 30s — rather than the stereotypical crisis that is said to hit in your 40s. A thrisis often slams you when you turn 30, although for some it can hit anytime during their thirties.
—Amanda Rose, “Signs you’re suffering a thrisis and how to cope,” The Business Woman, January 23, 2015