(名詞) 休假時進行房屋修繕、翻新。亦寫成 reno-vacation。這個字是由 renovation + vacation 拼綴而成。

In the meantime, the work crew is hard at it. Brask is the measuring assistant while Kinlee oversees. Daddy is doing the tough stuff though. He is going to need a vacation after his renovacation.
—RK, "Cute little work crew," Just RK, October 24, 2013

An overlooked home equity strategy which often pays off in big dividends, is to use some of that built up vacation time to spend a week or so getting home improvement and update projects done. The key is to work on projects that will take longer than a day but less than a week to complete. These are perfect for what I like to call a summer "renovacation!"
—William Curry, "Summer Real Estate 'Renovacation' Season Is Here!," Access Real Estate, July 15, 2014