go before; go by; go down; go down to; go down with

go before
We can't ignore what has gone before and pretend that everything has been OK.

go by
(時間) 流逝
Ten years went by before we saw each other again.

go by +
Don't go by my watch; it's usually a bit slow.

go by (+)
Nobody was at home when I went by yesterday.
I went by the post office on the way home.

go down
The price of digital cameras has gone down recently.

go down
The Titanic went down after it hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

go down
(月亮、太陽) 沉落;西下
The sun went down at seven o'clock.

go down
He went down for ten years for armed robbery.

go down
It went down as the worst day in the history of the company.

go down
(食物) 被吞下,被嚥下
The medicine went down easily.
A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

go down
The boxer went down in the second round.

go down
The police thought that a big crime was going down that night.
I was nowhere near here when the robbery went down.

go down
(系統,尤指電腦) 停止運作
The computer system went down for an hour last night.

go down
(劇院或電影院的燈光等) 逐漸暗下來
The lights went down and the audience stopped talking.

go down
Jim went down well with Mary's parents on his first visit.
The new director's appointment did not go down very well.

go down to +
Chelsea went down to Arsenal in a thrilling game.
The famous tennis player went down to an unknown young woman.

go down with +
罹患 (某種疾病);因...而病倒
She went down with a virus.
Four people in my office have gone down with the flu.

go down with +
Do you think the scheme will go down with the farmers in the area?