(名詞) 男子的胸部,尤指襯衫最上面一個或數個鈕釦未釦所露出的胸膛。亦寫成 he-vage

這個字是由 he 和 cleavage (乳溝) 拼綴而成。

In what must appear to be the strangest manoeuvre in the age-old battle of the sexes, men, after centuries of contemplating the feminine cleavage with a mixture of lust, envy, and aesthetic detachment, have finally decided enough is enough, and gotten themselves their own cleavage — a 'male cleavage' — best showcased through the he-vage T-shirt.
—Lhendup Bhutia, "The Murse code," DNA, September 26, 2010

Having come of age post-Take That, in an era where JLS leads the way in cheeky winks to camera and male cleavage (the hevage, bulging beneath American Apparel extended V-necks like a beast about to burst from a chest, signifying, in the same way Ridley Scott's phallic birthing alien did, both the masculine and feminine in one single swell), One Direction has got the combination of sex and son down pat.
—Eva Wiseman, "Up front: Eva Wiseman," The Observer, December 12, 2010