while away; whip out; whip through; whip up; whisker away; white out; wig out

while * away +
混 (時間);打發 (時間)
We whiled a couple of hours away playing computer games.

whip * out +
迅速取出或抽出 (某物);快速或突然說出 (某事)
The police officer whipped out her radio and called for back-up.

whip through +
迅速完成 (工作);很快做完 (某事)
She whipped through the task.

whip * up +
很快地做出 (食物等)
We got back late and whipped up dinner.

whip * up +
攪拌 (食物)
I whipped up the egg whites.

whip * up +
The boss tried to whip up some support for her new policies.

whisk * away +
迅速移走、帶走 (某人);迅速拿走 (某物)
The police whisked the minister away when the trouble started.

white * out +
用修正液或立可白塗改或塗掉 (字跡)
Could you pass the white-out? I need to white this mistake out.

wig out
He wigged out when he heard that he had failed.