get/grate on one's nerves



  • She'd been asking me questions all day and it was starting to get on my nerves. (她整天都在問我問題,讓我覺得好煩啊)
  • The telephone hadn't stopped ringing all morning and it was starting to grate on my nerves. (整個早上電話響個不停,我都要抓狂了)

附註:英文中還有 get on one's wick, get on one's tits 和 get up one's nose 等成語可表達與 get on one's nerves 相同的意思,如 Sometimes watching TV really gets on my wick because of all the commercials. (看電視有時真的很氣人,因為都是廣告);That guy I work with has been getting on my tits recently. (跟我一起工作的那個傢伙,最近讓我很不爽)。