(名詞) 同性父母 (same-sex parents) 的子女。亦叫做 queer spawn

他們可能是兩名男同性戀者或女同性戀者所領養的孩子,也可能是同性夫妻透過捐卵、捐精或代理孕母等生殖技術所生的孩子。根據統計,美國約有 1% 的夫妻 (594,390 人) 承認他們是男同性戀者、女同性戀者或變性人,其中約 20% 扶養了 18 歲以下的孩子。此外,在所有養父母當中,約有 4% 是同性夫妻。由於同性父母的子女人數越來越多,學者專家乃將此一現象或情況稱為 gayby boom。

In 1994, Daddy Dave and Daddy Bob prepared 5-year-old Elizabeth Wall for the first day of kindergarten in New Jersey, meeting with the principal in advance to ease her transition as the daughter of two gay men. [...] Wall is one of a growing number of children, who affectionately call themselves “gaybies” or queer spawn.
—Susan Donaldson James, "'Gayby Boom' Fueled by Same-Sex Parents," ABC News, August 3, 2009