sex up; shack up; shake down; shake off; shape up; shave off; shell out; ship off; ship out

sex * up +
The government denied that they had sexed up the report to make the front page.

shack up
(未婚者與異性) 同居
They shacked up a few months after they started going out.

shack up
We had to shack up with friends while our house was being decorated.

shake * down +
搜查,搜索 (某人或某處)
The police shook the house down looking for drugs.

shake * down
He shook the guy down with some story about needing the money for an operation.

shake * off +
It took me ages to shake off the cough.

shape up
(正面地) 發展;好轉
Things are shaping up at work- everything's going well again.

shape up
If they don't start shaping up, they're going to lose their jobs.

shave * off +
刮掉 (毛髮);剃掉 (毛髮)
He has shaved off his moustache and looks much younger.

shave * off +
(少量,小額) 削減
He shaved a few thousand off the budget for the year.

shell * out +
(在...上) 花 (一大筆錢) -- 尤其是當花錢者認為太貴時。
I had to shell out a hundred dollars on the dinner.

ship * off +
把 (某人) 送走 (通常是因為某人常出問題,而被送者通常不情願)
He was causing a lot of trouble, so they shipped him off to another branch.

ship * out +
We shipped the order out two days ago.

ship out
離開 (某地)
If you've finished your work, I'm ready to ship out.