bump into; bump off; bump up; bundle off; bundle out; bundle up; bunk off; buoy up

bump into +
邂逅;碰見;偶遇 (某人)
I bumped into Helen on the underground the other day.
I bumped into your mother at the supermarket.

bump into +
意外碰到、撞上 (某物)
As I turned round, I bumped into a filing cabinet.

bump * off +
謀殺;殺死 (某人)
The drug dealer was bumped off by a rival gang.

bump * up +
They bump up the prices in the high season.

bundle * off +
把 (某人) 送走或送到某地;匆匆打發走
He bundled the kids off to bed.
The children were bundled off to bed as soon as the guests arrived.

bundle * out +
The barman bundled the drunk out because he was annoying the other customers.

bundle up
We bundled up before going out as it was snowing.

bundle * up +
捆紮 (包裹等)
I bundled up my newspapers and dropped them in the recycling bin.

bunk off +
I used to bunk off school and go into town.

buoy * up +
After so much criticism, the positive review buoyed him up.