speed bump

(名詞) 證券交易系統用來減緩電腦產生的高頻率下單的硬體或軟體。這片語原意為「(交通單位在特定道路所設置的) 減速丘」。

Rather than keeping the traders out of certain marketplaces, fees will be used as a disincentive, and "speed bumps" will be put in place to slow down the electronic traders whose lightning-fast speed allows them to profit from tiny price differences, Mr. Schmitt said.
—Barbara Shecter, "Would-be TSX rival forced to revise plan after OSC raises 'fair access' concerns," The Financial Post, January 16, 2014

As he digs deeper, he realizes that secretive high-frequency trading firms, taking advantage of lightning-fast computers, willing accomplices in the stock exchanges and some poorly thought-out federal regulation, have effectively hijacked the equity markets. Roused to action by what he has discovered, Katsuyama quits his job and starts up a new exchange, IEX, which includes a clever "speed bump" that levels the playing field for investors.
—Joe Nocera, "Michael Lewis's Crusade," The New York Times, April 4, 2014