(名詞) 登山飛行傘運動:登山後從山上乘飛行傘 (paraglider,或稱滑翔傘) 或類似飛行器滑翔而下的運動。這個字是由 paragliding (飛行傘運動) 和 alpinism (爬山 - 尤指攀登阿爾卑斯山) 拼綴而成。
paralpine (形容詞):登山飛行傘運動的;與登山飛行傘運動有關的。
paralpinist (名詞):登山飛行傘運動人士。

New sports continue to evolve, as outdoor athletes combine things like climbing and BASE jumping, and alpinism and paragliding (paralpinism).
—"The aerial revolution," Explore Magazine, February 21, 2012

Europe is leading the world in paralpinism. Their attitudes toward human flight are encouraging the development and practice of some of the most incredible feats in the history of human flight and paralpinism.
—Walker Mackey, "The Adventures of Dr. Frankelton," Vertical Exploration, August 4, 2012