square away; square off; square off against; square up; square up to; square with (square sth with sb); squeeze up

square * away +
There are few things I have to square away before I can leave.
The project should be squared away in the summer.

square off
The two drunks squared off and the barman had to intervene before a fight broke out.

square off against +
They squared off against the police when they arrived.

square up
結清 (債務);誰也不欠誰
Can I square up with you for last night?

square up
The companies are squared up for a fight.

square up to +
They need to square up to what they did wrong if we are to make any progress.

square with +
What he said doesn't square with what the others said.

square * with (square sth with sb)
(做某事之前) 先得到 (某人的) 允許
I'll have to square that with my boss before I can confirm it.
I'll have to square it with the manager first.

squeeze up
硬擠 (在一小空間)
Four of us had to squeeze up in the back of the car.