soften up; soldier on; sort out; sound off (about); sound out; spark off; spark up

soften * up +
(進攻前用轟炸等) 削弱 (敵人的防禦措施)
The bombardment softened up their defenses; I think we can move in tomorrow.

soften * up +
I paid for everything to soften them up before they made the decision.

soldier on
(不畏困難地) 繼續幹下去
Life got hard for my dog when he went blind, but he just soldiered on and never complained.

sort * out +
處理,解決 (問題)
Has the firm sorted out its tax problems yet?

sound off (about)
He sounded off about the quality of the food.

sound * out +
You should sound her out to get her opinion before you go ahead with the plan.

spark * off +
導致,引發 (激烈或不愉快的事)
The riot was sparked off by the police raid on the club.

spark * up +
They sparked up in a no smoking area.