(名詞) 在遊戲、論壇或類似線上場所中,故意不斷地騷擾其他用戶的人。
grief (動詞):在遊戲、論壇或類似線上場所中,故意不斷地騷擾其他用戶。
griefing (動名詞)。

事實上,griefer 現在也指在網路搞破壞或從事反社會行為的人。

Knowing that Second Life events like this were sometimes plagued by 'griefers'— troublemakers who might appear in outlandish or offensive attire, create protest signs that could fill the entire screen, or otherwise disrupt activities — Ms. Pritchard called Mr. Gingrich's office. She offered her company's virtual security services to a confused aide.
—Christine Larson, "A Patrol for the Web's Playgrounds," The New York Times, February 27, 2011

This isn't because I believe griefing is wrong. I actually think a little online anarchy is a positive thing. Griefing demands critical thinking from the griefer and urges technological improvements in everyone else.
—Kevin Pereira, "Why Griefing Is Good," Wired, April 26, 2011