whip off; whip out of; whisk off

whip * off+
快速拿掉或移除 (某物)
My wife whipped the cover off the bed. (我太太一把將床罩從床上拆了下來)
I whipped off my shirt and dived into the pool. (我飛快地脫下襯衫跳入水池裡)

whip out of +
迅速從 ... 取出或抽出 (某物)
My girlfriend whipped a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped my face. (我女友迅速從她口袋裡掏出一條手帕,擦了擦我的臉)

whisk * off
突然快速地移走、帶走 (某人)
Her husband whisked her off to Taipei for her birthday. (她先生突然把她帶到台北為她慶生)
In obvious pain, Mary was whisked off to the hospital. (瑪麗顯然痛得很厲害,於是被急忙送往醫院)