dip in; dip into; dip out; dive in; dive into

dip * in/into
把 (某物) 在某液體中浸一下;從...中掏出,從...中取出
He dipped the brush in the paint and began painting the wall. (他把刷子放入油漆中浸一下後開始粉刷牆壁)
Monica dipped her finger in the water to see if it's hot. (莫妮卡把手指浸入水中,看水熱不熱)
I dipped my hand in my pocket and took out my iPhone. (我伸手從口袋裡掏出 iPhone 手機)

dip into +
I usually dip into a novel before deciding whether to read it. (我在決定看一本小說之前,通常會先瀏覽一下)

dip out
(主美) 一聲不響地離開 (某個場所)
The party was so dull so I dipped out. (派對太沈悶,所以我就一聲不響地離開了)

dive in
When I saw the children fighting, I just dived in to sort it out. (當我看見孩子們打起來的時候,就連忙介入制止)
Dinner's on the table, so dive in. (晚餐端上桌了,所以就開動了)

dive into +
Jack dived into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. (傑克快速伸入口袋中拿出一個打火機)
He is diving into a new project. (他正在潛心鑽研一個新的專案)